Since 1852, MassMutual has been a trusted partner in helping people secure their financial future and protect the ones they love. Beyond the broad insurance and DCIO capabilities, MassMutual Wealth Management provides a full suite of Investment solutions leveraging institutional and boutique asset managers to deliver unique investment solutions.  Our Fixed Income solutions are founded on a sub-advisory relationship with the credible Barings Fixed income platform capabilities, with a broad equity selection across large and boutique managers.  Key objective: We have designed a unique platform to provide style purity, consistency of performance with less risk. This also includes a built-in layer of ongoing oversight, reporting, and due diligence. Value beyond strategy: The firm also continues to invest in resources to support delivery of Value-add Practice & Portfolio Management Alpha to help successful Financial Advisors/ home office contacts enhance and grow their practice/business.  WHY?  We understand that being a financial professional is more complex than ever, adding additional demands on financial professionals- Our goal is to provide partnership value beyond strategy.

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