Members of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) are available to provide the perspective of the active manager on a host of news topics, including the following:

  • The need for active management to manage risk and enhance risk-adjusted returns
  • The importance of active management for retiree portfolios
  • Active investment approaches, including Dynamic Asset Allocation, Tactical Asset Allocation, Fund Timing, Bond Timing, Sector Rotation, and fund of funds
  • The use of redemption fees by funds and custodians
  • Active management of retirement assets and variable annuity accounts,
  • Long and short-term market trends
  • Technical analysis, including relative strength and momentum studies
  • Sector trends, such as leading sectors, historical relationships between sectors, rotation of sectors in a normal business cycle
  • The use of Exchange Traded Funds
  • Creating and trading stock baskets
  • Managing diversified strategies and asset managers
  • And more

To identify individual members who can answer your questions, please contact NAAIM Administrator Susan Truesdale at

In addition, NAAIM periodically releases information on its members and events via email newsletters. To receive a copy of these releases, please sign-up for NAAIM News.

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